Brian Dao

Irvine, CA

Mr. Dao has over 10 years experience in both hardware and software technology. Mr. Dao’s interest in computer systems sprouted at an early age and became his predominant focus as he marveled at how well basic software programs and systems could help facilitate, quickly organize, and produce efficient results. In 2004, Mr. Dao started a web and technology consulting company, Websonic LLC, focused on small and early stage companies. As a young entrepreneur, Mr. Dao knew that working directly with early stage companies will give him the best opportunity to gain significant visibility of the bumps and perils these companies encountered. With his background in technology, he was able to quickly identify pain points within each company and devised automated systems which minimized errors and increased overall personnel and operational efficiency for over 200 companies. In late 2006, Mr. Dao sold Websonic LLC co-founding his next venture, Alpha Sprouts, a management consulting company focused on early-stage companies. Alpha Sprouts' initial task was to consult and advise the master licensee of Disney Consumer Products in Viet Nam. During this time, Mr. Dao was assigned the role of Deputy COO to generate a roadmap and implement the company's operational structure in accounting, marketing, sales and licensing. Given Mr. Dao's extensive experience with early-stage companies both in the US and abroad, he had determined the major common denominators required to establish a successful company. Mr. Dao understood the common apprehension and pressure many new entrepreneurs experience. Therefore, upon his return to the US, Mr. Dao continued to analyze companies and provided them with knowledge and tools to create their clear-path to success in industries such as medical auditing, aftermarket automotive manufacturing, alt. energy, and mobile technology. Mr. Dao holds a B.S. in Information and Computer Sciences from the University of California, Irvine and was born in 1981.