Jayne Perry

Colorado Springs, CO

Jayne was born a magician’s son in the Mystical Catskills Mountains surrounded by a world filled with Love, Magic, Fairy Tales, and Performance. As a youth in the 1970s and 1980s, Jayne studied magic with her father, Jim (Mr. Magic) Perry and performed top hat magic with him and her sisters and brother in the family show. From the late 1980s until now, Jayne has led many magic troupes that performed for audiences from the American Northeast, East Coast, and Midwest sharing laughs, wonders and illusions. Currently, she lives with her spouse in Colorado. When the COVID pandemic hit in 2020, Jayne paused to reevaluate her show and life. After deep soul-searching, Jayne embraces her authentic self. Her performances explore wonders, strange stories, paranormal phenomenon while respecting all peoples, and the shows never include politics or religion. Jayne interests and experiences outside of Magic shape her unique performances. Her 20+ years in Fortune 50 corporate leadership and 12 years as a fulltime college instructor and professor help her create something more than the usual pick-a-card-abracadabra fare that appeals to our sympathetic and empathetic imagination. Jayne creates and shares magic performances that unlock imagination and creativity to create shared magical moments. The shows create cherished memories for your guests and customers, and are a perfect way to draw friend, colleagues, donors and customers to your next event.