Michelle James

Daytona Beach, FL

Business Coach @ Space Coast Credit Union It’s Spring Break 1986 in Daytona Beach, FL on the World’s Most Famous Beach. MTV is blocks from my father’s Hotel on the beach and there’s thousands of Spring Breakers…everywhere! My father was always looking for ways to make more money & marketing to half naked drunk college kids didn’t take much. He had no shame having his teenage daughter pass out free beer mugs along the beach to draw people to his pool bar for $1 drafts or passing out free t-shirts for wet t-shirt contestants. Talk about knowing your target market. Him being an immigrant with an 8th grade education taught me that being successful doesn’t always have to come with a college degree. That being a successful entrepreneur takes a lot of hard work and self-motivation. Flash forward to early 2000’s I’m in my 20’s living in New York City working for Calvin Klein in his signature boutique on Madison Avenue. I’m selling $5000 alligator skin decorative pillows to celebrities & very wealthy individuals who don’t blink an eye at spending thousands on “designer” home goods. I mean its Calvin Klein, right!?! Looking back on those days taught me the power of branding & what people are willing to pay for something simply because it has a designer name on it. Life then takes me to Detroit, Motor City! I started working for three young wealthy GC’s building industrial parks within the auto industry. Each of them had their individual strengths from a law degree, construction, & another who knew how to sell & negotiate. Working directly under each of them taught me the power of having a great partnership within a business. Now, here I am many years later collaborating with Small Business Owners. It all starts by learning your stories & then collaborating together. I love being challenged by new ideas & helping them come to life. Together we work on taking your dreams, turning them into reality, & becoming successful! I look forward to hearing your stories & dreams.